Gibson Double Neck Guitar Wiring Diagram Plan of Gibson EDS Double-neck Electric Guitar

You might be best off taking it to a pro as I have looked for the wiring diagram for your guitar before. I have not been able to locate one for the Epiphone double neck. You can find them for Gibson double neck. But, they are NOT wired the same.

It depends on what kind of Double neck wiring you have. A Gibson EDS-1275 uses a regular 3-way toggle for the neck selector, but uses a special Switchcraft DPDT toggle (similar to the standard 3-way, but with an extra set of poles for each switch position) for the pickup selection.

I got a double neck kit for Christmas but it doesn't have any instructions for wiring . It has 3 toggle switches and 4 humbuckers how would i wire thi

Rock On with a Gibson Double Neck Guitar. Gibson has been producing guitars for over a century, and the brand introduced its double-neck guitar model in 1963. It has been popularized by many famous musicians such as Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, who is the most well-known guitarist to play the instrument.

there is no wiring for that specific guitar. is it humbucker humbucker with 2 tones, 2 volumes, and a 3 way switch? check here for wiring diagrams, they go by pickup combos not guitar type: Having played a Gibson albeit briefly, I actually prefer the arrangement on my epiphone copy. The Gibbo has a neck selector switch - either or both -

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